Sarah was born and raised in the great state of Virginia! With one brother and a set of loving Christian parents, she grew up in the church and knowing the Lord. Even at the young age of 10, she accepted Jesus into her life. But it was 5 years later that she understood the difference of having Jesus in your life and letting him be the LORD of your life. So at 15, she surrendered her life to WHATEVER God wanted her do (just please don't send me to Africa!) She went to school at a small liberal arts college in northeast Georgia - Toccoa Falls College. It was there that she received a dream from the Lord. She wanted a conference center where people in ministry could come and rest with their families... With that dream in her heart, she studied Youth ministry with a concentration in Family ministry. As it came close to do her internship, working as a youth director in a church just did not sit well with her, so she appealed to the board to approve a different kind of internship - one that would be a little more practical for the type of ministry she planned on doing in the future. She went on an 8 week mission trip to Europe!

After college, she moved back home and went to work as a house parent in a girls home. Then she continued to work various jobs; a college library, the Registrar's Office at Liberty University, Geico Insurance. This time was definitely a time of searching and trusting the Lord with the future as a special young man had come into her life - but he lived soooo far away - in NORTH DAKOTA! (Who has even heard of that? Is that really a state in the US?!) They had a long, stretching and exciting relationship that culminated into engagement and eventually marriage in October 2005. The most exciting thing is that the dream the Lord put in Sarah's heart, while shoved pretty far down as she was working to pay off student loans, popped back up in a conversation with Sam. He was sharing the dream that God put in his heart and you know, it matched up exactly! He wooed her with plans of moving to Montana or Wyoming, you know, the REAL west! ;) But they ended up in North Dakota, working together in youth ministry. Finish reading about how the Lord worked on Sarah's heart in how they came to be at Circle C Ranch!

Sam and Sarah now have 4 awesome kids - Gabriel, Cassia, Micah and Caleb, who are all whooping it up at Circle C Ranch!