Sam Coleman had the privilege of growing up in North Dakota and being shaped by the people, the heritage, and the places that make it so great.  He wandered the prairie, hunted with family, rode horses in the North Dakota badlands, and had many pets and animals on his family's hobby farm. From the experiences he had, he came to love people, animals, and the beauty of the created world was pressed into his heart.

       At the age of seven, Sam found out one of his defining passions in life was painting. He began by painting a watercolor of some dinosaurs at the age of seven and took to painting like a duck to water. One of his mentors was a great art teacher by the name Marianne Crary and she made art so much fun that it became an integral part of his life and he began competing in 4-H, local art shows, and the Junior Federal Duck Stamp.

       During high school and the two years of college at Bismarck State College, Sam continued to pursue art but also felt that he was called to some sort of ministry as well. He often dreamt of some day running a ministry where families could come and have a great time together. He often thought that it would be in the backcountry of Wyoming or Montana because of his love for the mountains but was open to see what the Lord had planned. It was during his time at Bismarck State College that he went on an 8 week mission trip to Europe and became friends with a young lady named Sarah who had a similar dream as well. 

       Sam completed his degree at Bismarck State College and through his parent’s encouragement and also God opening the doors, he began painting at an art school called The Atelier in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Through this art school, dedicated to the study of nature and developing skills in drawing, painting, composition, and color theory, Sam's horizons were expanded from painting solely animals into portraiture, landscapes, and still life. 

       While attending The Atelier, Sam also went through seminary at Magdalen College and received his ordination as a licensed minister. After completing his education, he moved back to Bismarck where he pursued an art career full time but still felt like something was missing in his life. He started working with the Charity Lutheran youth and when a position opened up for Youth Director, he applied and received the position. Sam worked as a Youth Pastor for 9 years and transitioned to Associate Pastor in 2013. During that time, his friend Sarah became the love of his life and they were married and now have three wonderful sons named Gabriel, Micah, and Caleb, and a sweet daughter named Cassia!

       When Sam and Sarah began having children, they often thought about where God was going to lead them in the future and the dream that they both shared to someday have a family ministry somewhere in the American West. God kept showing them that they were exactly where they belonged at their wonderful church and they were living out the calling that God had placed in their lives. But Sam and Sarah wanted their children to grow up in the rural community so they began to look for a new home. And that is when they met Trish Lenihan and were introduced to Circle C Ranch. The rest of the story can be found in the amazing account of how God brought Sam and Sarah to Circle C Ranch and all the amazing God stories that have happened since!