I was born and raised on a farm in Beulah, ND. I attended a rural school for 7 years and then went to high school in Beulah. I didn't have time for sports as we milked cows morning and night. In 1960, I moved to Bismarck to attend Bismarck State College. I spent two years there and then got a job with Will's Sunflower Seeds and worked there for 15 years. In this period I was married and had one daughter, Lisa. Then I worked for another company, Modern Machine Works, for two years. I purchased the "HOTSY" pressure washer division from them and started Hotsy Equipment Company in 1980. I owned and managed that company for 35 years and had good success with GOD's help. In that time, I volunteered to help Charity Lutheran Church get the books running for them. After a time I because treasurer for the church and have been doing that ever since. I retired from my company in 2012 and have not really had time to relax because I keep volunteering for other jobs here and there. I have a lake cabin so I enjoy going out there in the summer and try to catch some fish. In November of 2016 I was asked to join the Circle C Ranch as the treasurer and am working hard to get that going again. Having worked with books my entire life and riding horses most of my life I thought this might be a good fit for me!